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Video: How do I get Decorations for my Stronghold? Your guide has helped tremendously with that. That means you have take a big chunk of damage in the 6 seconds after you hit Force Mend. First, it is your most efficient heal in terms of healing-per-Force-consumed. ), though I can make due so long as the raid isn’t slowly dying to AOE damage. Getting the right mix with what you have is way more important. 1) Nope no change, not even from the 4.0 version. So a strong healer is naturally going to push down the numbers of a co-healer, and that’s okay. What EE actually does is give you +30% Defense Chance (so 40% instead of 10%) but that’s only good for Melee/Ranged attacks and no good against Force/Tech attacks (where I thought the original description also gave you a +30% Resist chance). That slow debuff the rats put on you will prevent you from outrunning them, even with Force Speed. © For one thing, you can’t suffer from ability pushback to an instacast, also you can cast your non-Trance abilities on the move and of course if you’re already using cleanse why not buff it. Think of your force bar as a simple 10-point scale and mentally note that each Wandering Mend is a -1, each Salvation is a -1, each Vindicate is a +1, and so on. Mental Alacrity helps mitigate the time lost on Vindicates, allowing you to maintain your healing output even while you are in recovery mode. Personally, I’m using 4 of the RevMyst and filling out the remaining 3 with Amplified Champion pieces with Force Harmonization amplifiers all around. Good players (and I know quite a few of them) can do amazing things despite low gear. (Or just re-plant it.). If the Ghost of Styrak grabs the tank and chokes him ON TOP OF ACID SPIT, you can use Rescue to pull the tank out from on top the acid. AND NO! But there were some subtle changes, too. It’s still higher than it was before the 4.5 changes, but this may get offset later on as we progress into higher gear tiers with much more Crit than we’ve had in the past. I only include this to point out that Sages (along with Scoundrels and Commandos–regardless of DPS/Heal spec) have a zero-cooldown on this ability. 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The actual difference isn’t all that big. Moderate Casted Healing ability, Deliverance Also, of course it would be great to have another AoE heal but it’ so tiny! (I have also independently verified some of the math they’ve done.). Updated for Game Update 6.0. The reason it’s near-impossible for the parsers to include the FA shielding numbers is that they appear in the TARGET’S combat log, NOT THE HEALER’S. Written by Sion, Edited by Xam Xam. If that’s not what you mean, then you’ll have to elaborate, since clearly I’m not following. In a similar vein, an individual DPS’s output is almost never limited by the output of other DPS’s, but a healer can only heal damage that the other healer didn’t already heal. Hitting the third threshold is . For Empire players, … You guys are the reason I do this. If that number is ZERO, then you probably did okay. (This, by the way, is precisely why I LOVED IT when they took Noble Sacrifice off the GCD, and hope they’ll do it again some day for Vindicate.). CLEANSE. - TOUR! ). It’s already a long fight, and mixing in the deeps only makes it worse. I seem to remember you specifically telling ppl NOT to take Force Suffision or Life Ward, particularly post 5.0 When you see the raid warning identifying that player, quickly give him or her a bubble. (Alacrity has not changed either.). (Plus, y’know, I hear that SOME Sages like to throw Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw while healing….) – An in-depth discussion of Parsers and how to (and how NOT to) evaluate a healer’s performance. We bring the sass. HM? The Healing Challenge: This is pretty much the Burst Healer/Triage sequence from above, with a couple of tweaks because you know in advance when it starts. Each table assumes you have a full set of the specified gear. The real DPS’s are going to be off killing the cores and that leaves you and the tanks to deal with those droids that come out. For tanks, it’s like a pre-heal of the next several hits. Since you want to stack Crit and Alacrity at something close to a 1:1 ratio, setting us those three items on the left side of your character page 1:2 will help balance out your big chunks of Crit and Alacrity from 4:3 to 5:5. …and let’s face it: If a tank can’t hold aggro against your healing output under normal circumstances, you’ve found yourself a BAD TANK. – Playing a high-Alacrity Mighty Mouse build is like going back to the pre-4.0 days when we were augmenting for Power, and Force management required a LOT of your attention. Unfortunately, it’s common for the 4 raid-wide buffs (Force Empowerment, Inspiration, Stack the Deck, Supercharged Celerity) to be activated at the same time, and the associated debuffs for them will appear on every character in your ops group. Gearing & Stats. Having trouble installing or using a Layout? Once you’ve built up good Force Management habits, you can dial the Crit back to normal levels. Your email address will not be published. A low Effective Healing Percentage doesn’t really mean much. Thanks! When in doubt, try each one and check your Bonus Healing score. Your pre-5.3 self? The best-in-slot ones are now Masterwork (258/252), followed by GEMINI (248/246),  Iokath and the various Eternal Commander variants (242/240/236/234/230) from Operations tokens, PvP vendors, or the Command Crates (but not blue ones and not the Artifice-crafted ones). “Gravestone = Yamato  //  Omnicannon = Wave Motion Gun”  …as T3-M4 would say. . Cleanse TWO Force, Mental and Physical debuffs from any friendly target, Force Armor: You can also use Phase Walk to get back into position on the tank’s hull after Defensive Systems are over. Feel free to post here. But I’m still looking at commando’s and scoundrels who seem to do easily above 10k Bad players (we ALL quite a few of THEM) will not go beyond a certain point no matter how good their gear is. If you have Resplendence stacks, you want to use them with Vindicate. As we covered above, you can leverage how Healing Trance ticks four times but only consumes one stack of Force Potency to quickly and reliably recover Force. ive been a sage healer (rapha) for as long as i can remember and i really enjoy reading your website. Well, like it says, it’s your interrupt. I should also point out up front that this is strictly a PvE guide. Save Force Potency and Mental Alacrity for Force-recovery situations. |, 01.03.2019 Blockout : (Don’t bother with Empowered Restorer. Also, Force Armor negates a lot of the damage from mine carts and non-purple Mass Barrage circles, so that you can keep up the healing with minimal running. and Healing Abilities section a quick review. So be aware that you are squishy and probably delicious. My crit is at a little over 45%, so, per previous advice, I stopped adding it b/c at that time that was the diminishing returns area. Restoration, Soothing Protection from Force Armor, etc.). This guide was updated for version 4.5 to include instructions on how to do just that! You may also be interested in: SWTOR Best Class Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Classes Revealed] [Top 10] SWTOR Best Builds for PvE DPS [Top 10] SWTOR Best Builds for PvP The most obvious change is that all Sages got our utilities completely redone (more on that below) and we got a new Level-68 improvement to Force Armor (which is helpful, but otherwise kinda ho-hum), and a handful of optional utilities got rolled into the main Discipline Path for free (such as the 10% improvement to Force Armor being moved into Preservation at level 24). The other general piece of advice I can give is to only do one Vindicate at a time, and keep using other healing abilities around your Vindicates. Especially on HM/NiM, it’s THAT close of a DPS check, and one of the real DPS’s might be off trapped in a Nightmare. Here is a list of twelve things that, if you can learn to do them on auto-pilot, will keep the heals flowing and prevent you from accidentally running yourself out of gas. Awesome job, very thorough!!! THIS is the real question, because Crit and Alacrity are in direct competition with each other for space in your gear, and both are essential. (Resplendence is called. Resize things a bit bigger if you can’t read them. (Yeah, it’s long. ), StarParse and its Raid Groups function gets it right. There is a filter for $ to combat some of the legit spammers here but as long you don’t use that it should be fine. I may change the wording there in a future update to make that more explicit. The real advice here is to strive for 100%  Adept/Quick Savant enhancements, non-lettered mods, and non-crafted earpieces and implants (whose various names are too random to list) in the highest tier you have access to. Don’t do it. Again, the parser is an amazing and useful tool for all classes and roles, when used properly. I also know that star parse didn’t take force armor into account back then (FUN FACT: Healing Trance will only consume ONE stack of Potency, even if all 4 ticks of it crit!). Healers heal. I am unaware of–let’s call it the “10K bug” based on your description–but I did confirm many times over that the log contains two numbers: One for the magnitude of the damage and another for the amount of shielding, and if the bubble got used up it would definitely show as a smaller number than the total hit. I even specifically call out Psychic Suffusion as the one to replace so we’re more in agreement than disagreement here. You still need to tell me what tomorrow’s lottery numbers are! The Raid Groups function causes StarParse to upload your combat log to the server, where everyone else in your team can download that data and merge it with their own combat logs. You know how you always see Commandos fooling around with Med Shot (to get Supercharge) and Scoundrels putting Slow-Release Medpacks on people (to get Upper Hand) before a fight starts? All Sages have this ability, but DPS Sages can’t cleanse Physical debuffs (nor can they heal with it). You’re no different. Raptus can (uniquely) hit tanks with Driving Thrust for well over 100K of damage in a single blast, so shaving 14K or so of that right off the top can easily be the difference between a tank staying alive and that same tank getting one-shotted. Could you explain to me the difference between it’s 30% increased defense and Valorous Spirit’s 15% damage reduction (except for the numbers of course) – your phrasing “+30% chance to Deflect (M/R) or Resist (F/T)” makes me think that the end result is different. (8000 * 0.15 = 1200) A Collection of … Given the amount of AoE-heavy fights there are a lot of situations where you either don’t need the heal from Life Ward but have it anyways or really need the heal but get 3 ticks of it and then Force Armor breaks, vii) Valorous Spirit: First of all, imho Life Ward sux, see above, also see my orginal post as to why this is my go-to utility. they went off and did the opposite. The upcoming SWTOR Expansion – ‘Onslaught’ – will introduce a many changes for each Class in the game. If you’re going to compare the performance of two or more healers against each other, this is the place to do it (keeping in mind that this, too, is over-simplified). Don’t fear the nanites. Now that line from above that wasn’t in your log and was invisible to the StarParse running on your machine now is included in the “super log” for StarParse to tally. The net effect of all of it is that pre-3.0 Force management was back. Third, it can trigger a “free” Benevolence. Even though it’s a part of the mechanic in the second phase to break the virtual towers and knock Kephess on his face, you can easily out-heal the debuff if it lands on you. This distinction is important because of a fundamental difference between healers and DPS’s: While a DPS can attack a boss without limit until its HP is zero, healers can only heal damage that is actually TAKEN by the group, and only after it has been taken by the group. . One final note about Force Armor: Beware of people who live and die by HPS numbers, because Force Armor is not a heal and doesn’t get tallied by the parsers as such. SWTOR 5.3+ Seer Sage PvE Healing Guide written by Dianiss (updated for 5.10) Prologue: If you’re here just to see the version 5.3-specific updates to the guide, then check out the Intro starting at “Changes in Version 5.3″, and give the Gearing section (which is completely re-written!) But the reason I like it is that it gives you some free additional DPS to add to the mix without requiring you to do anything you aren’t already doing; and on any fight that’s a tight DPS check. This does heal a small amount, but mainly it’s your CLEANSE ability. thank you very much =) this is just about hte best guide i’ve read so far hehe =) especially due to the comments here and there. They don’t really do THAT much damage, but each one needs to be dispatched before the NEXT one(s) come out. SM? So overall, Version 3.3 was a pretty significant buff to Sage Healers IF YOU CAN MANAGE YOUR FORCE USAGE. The Jedi’s role in the galaxy is peacekeeping, they are diplomats but when necessary, they lead armies to defend the Republic. What, if any, abilities can I afford to ignore and just remove entirely from my hot bar? Ability icons are originally from Jedipedia.net, and thanks go out to reader Tammt for pointing that site out to me–but are now hosted by Dulfy.net directly and it was Dulfy’s own personal time and effort to make that happen, not mine. Question. (Not to mention, there are always more examples one can cite but at some point I have to pick a few good ones that best illustrate the point and move on.). Best case scenario: (say, Nefra or Brontes, where you’re using the cleanse anyway amidst heavy healing) you save AT MOST half a second, and then you can’t use it again for another 30 seconds. (6) Healing an ally with Medical Probe / Rapid Scan applies Restorative Drive to them for 10 seconds. I created this guide because I love this class and I want to share my two years knowledge with everybody. I’ll believe you when you say that it works for you, and frankly I love the notion of two healers truly working as a team. Problem is, I can’t think of any fight where you need it. Nevermind that they raised the level cap in 5.0 but didn’t adjust the underlying stats equations for the major stats like they’d done with every other level cap increase before it. [My thanks go out to reader Crowen Malarod for this tip.]. The Bubble of Awesomeness (not to be confused with the Super Bubble of Awesomosity–that’s Force Barrier) solves all of these problems neatly. I’ll certainly reserve judgement until/unless I’ve seen the actual numbers on the character sheets. There were some obvious changes. Nothing special to note here except that if you see someone building up more than 2 or 3 stacks of the flame debuff, it probably means they’re just standing in it. (Bioware, can we please have back the 10-point-per-stack reduction in Force cost on Salvation? After the nerf, at first I was doing 5-6k because I was struggling a bit with force management. I’m in 242 with a few 248, I’m currently at 1700-1800 crit and 1900-2000 alac. This was always useful in fights that feature debuffs that bleed your HP, but now that 5.0 has reshuffled the utilities the way they are, there’s no good reason not to take this one all the time. If any of you reading this have additional tips or strategies that you’d like to contribute, feel free to post here and I’ll include them with full attribution. Even at full 258. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Voila! , 10:15 AM Yes. In HM, be sure to Force Armor the tank who’s getting the exploding mine carts, because that’s probably the single biggest bit of burst damage that can happen in this fight. Putting all of that together with its Conveyance effect, it becomes a key part of heavy sustained single-target healing. Well evidently they realized that they pushed it a bit too far, because all of those same abilities have had their Force costs dialed BACK by 9%-10% in 5.0. In NiM, if your group is using the “Don’t scoop up the green DOOM circles so that they crowd out the red circles” strategy, you can do your part for the cause by using Force Barrier to survive the Doom attack rather than slurping up the green circles. Obviously, it’s a gigantic nerf and it looks to me like we’re back to version 4.5. NiM? Don’t use Salvation if it is lit up. Note that when you heal a bubbled player by any other means, you reduce the number of stacks of healing dropped by the bubble itself.

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