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They were satisfied that it was able to stand the test of time, despite being a compact counter top oven (saves your kitchen counter space). Others say that the door doesn’t shut tightly enough, causing some heating problems. So this toaster oven is for people looking for a cheap, easy to use, compact toaster oven that does the job. I am a kind of impatient person when it comes to cooking and eating. The best toaster ovens and countertop ovens according to Lab tests for toasting, baking, heating frozen foods, air frying, dehydrating, and … Before deciding to buy any Mueller Austria Toaster Oven, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted sources. toast, bake, broil and keep warm. If you’re in a habit of heating your meals then leaving it to do something else, then you’ll love it as well. The appliance is easy to use, it has great sturdy controls and looks like a professional oven, but smaller. The 30-minute timer that includes toast settings works very well. We will not repeat it here to save your time. Good to maybe mention that it is PFOA and PTFE Free, right. Unfortunately, a lot of toaster ovens have uneven heating problems. If you don’t know what the term convection oven means then let me tell you that convection-powered ovens have an inbuilt fan inside the oven which circulates the hot air inside the oven that results in sinking cold air and make the air less dense for quicker heating which results in speeding up the cooking process. What’s more, it’s a compact toaster oven that still manages to be a 4 slice … Cook settings. Checkout The Best Toaster Convection Oven for a detailed review of all the top toaster convection ovens. Will you be the new Mueller Austria MT-175 user? We’ll tell you now, the Mueller Austria MT-175 isn’t the best in the industry. In other words, the highest-rated toaster oven might not be the best one for you. Simply because it keeps your meals warm for you. cleaning is also a very simple procedure. 4 cooking functions i.e. This is a small toaster oven with amazing features and functions which makes this toaster oven popular among the public. Some customer reviews said that just weren’t happy about the Mueller 4 slice toaster oven. Verified Purchase. The Mueller Toaster Oven 4 Slice, Multi-function Stainless Steel with Timer - Toast - Bake - Broil Settings, Natural Convection - 1100 Watt --is a great addition to our kitchen. The Mueller Austria Toaster Oven is excellent at serving you with the food you have only dreamed about. Looks very attractive with stainless steel, It has a large window for a pretty big oven, especially considering its compact design. The Mueller Austria MT-175 is great for both experienced and inexperienced users alike. Is that what you’re looking for? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1. Mueller UltraTemp ranks #70 out of 123. Final Word The challenge of any toaster oven will always be to perform the job of two appliances equally well. Sure, this 4 slice toaster oven is cheap, easy to use, and compact…. Need more heat at the bottom? With this toaster oven, you will get a 13″ pizza stone, baking/drip pan, removable crumb tray, 2 oven racks, broiling pan, and recipe booklet. Well, let’s find out. Good catch! It has 1100 watts of power, which fuels its system and ensures that the food heats up quickly. Mueller Austria toaster oven can fit 4 slices of bread and a 9” pizza. Dimensions: 17.1 X 13.9 X 11.5 inches Weight: 2.2 pounds Manufacturer: Mueller Austria Power: 1100 watt This is a great option if you want a smaller toaster oven. Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. If you have any kind of issues or queries then feel free to comment below. This will help you know what you can really expect. Is it also BPA Free What’s nice is that it uses a dial, making it very easy to reach any time mark with one go. This toaster oven can fit 4-slices of toast or a 9” pizza. All you have to do is place your bread in, turn the dial to your preferred crust, and wait. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Mueller Austria Toaster oven is one of the best energy efficient 4 slice toaster oven. You can select the required cooking function using the function dial. With dimensions of (L) 10.5″ (including the handle), (W) 14.75″, and (H) 9″, it can fit limited countertops or kitchen space. Then the Mueller Austria MT-175 might be for you! how Mueller Austria toaster oven performs? It’s affordable! Very nice looking toaster oven. …it’s quite another to buy the toaster oven that is best for you and your specific situation. What’s more, it’s a compact toaster oven that still manages to be a 4 slice toaster oven. If you need more space for, say, a taller oven pan, you can lower the rack position so it can fit inside. We have shared the Mueller Austria toaster oven reviews above and if you are still confused whether to buy it or not then I would recommend you to stop thinking and buy this great oven now. The dialer function makes this oven very easy to operate. Like any good toaster, this 4 slice Mueller Toaster Oven will give you the option to select your own toast crust. It is a beautiful kitchen appliance. It is one of the most reliable ovens in the market that you can buy right now without thinking twice. Options include broil, toast, convection bake, and warm. The maintenance of the oven i.e. Not only that, but the Mueller Austria MT-175 is also very easy to use. Is this toaster oven value for money? There are a total of 4 cooking functions that guide you to perfection i.e. The Mueller Austria MT-175 is great for both experienced and inexperienced users alike. ... Best 5 Steam Toaster Oven Reviews You Can Read In 2021; Best 5 Japanese Toaster Ovens You Can Choose In 2021 Reviews; In addition to bake, broil, and toast, there’s a keep food warm setting. If you are looking for a toaster oven with the least possible power rating for a 4 slice size, then this is the best low wattage toaster oven, hands-down. The baking pan and the removable crumb tray are very convenient. The heating elements are enclosed, making it a very safe appliance and also simple to … Now, take a quick look at the pros and cons of this toaster oven. This is a convection countertop oven. The below ratings are based on the customer reviews on amazon and Breville website. Many customer reviews had high praise for the recipe booklet that comes with so many different types of food to cook. I am a professional chef and I love sharing my knowledge regarding ovens with people. Then you’ll definitely want to check out this review below for all … That being said, it’s one thing to buy the top toaster oven on the market. select cooking functions, set temperature, increase cooking time, start/pause and cooking timer with auto shut-off and stay-on feature. This is what especially appealed to toaster oven newbies in customer reviews. The bottom crumb tray of the oven is also detachable so you can easily detach it and wash it. We have partnered with Hamilton Beach to offer their best deals on high quality kitchen appliances to our readers. But if you’re looking for a cheap, easy to use, multi-featured toaster oven with high customer reviews that does the job, then IT IS FOR YOU! Mueller Austria toaster oven is the best selling convection toaster oven and secured #1 place in our list of best toaster ovens under $100 with more than 4000+ positive customer ratings. Get ready for Mueller Austria toaster oven reviews but before going deep, lets about the features of this highly powered oven. This is what especially appealed to toaster oven newbies in customer reviews. I am currently working on my cooking book. Talking about the design, the design is very simple but still attractive. In this section, we’ll talk about the positive reviews (the pros) and the negative reviews (the cons). Get ready for Mueller Austria toaster oven reviews but before going deep, lets about the features of this highly powered oven. Breville BOV900BSS Review – Is it worth to Buy or not? Or, when there are cold bits in your heated meal. There are so many features or functions in this oven for the convenience of the user. The Mueller Austria MT-175 is a bang for the buck! Even Toast Technology - The toaster oven interior is specially designed for even toasting of up to 4 slices of bread at a time and the sleek compact design fits nicely on your counter-top, while the curved interior makes room for a 9” pizza or 4 slices of … Too. Are toaster ovens worth it? Using this product, you can cook 4 slices of bread … Not to mention, since this toaster oven heats up quickly, you’ll use less energy. Click the button below to see their exclusive offers. In the package, you will get a multi-purpose pan, baking rack, and few recipes. The Cuisinart Chef’s Convection toaster oven is the best toaster oven for pizza but there are other best pizza toaster ovens available on the market. Mueller Austria Convection Toaster Oven is the best inexpensive toaster oven in our list. Since the heat is evenly distributed all around, it’s very quick to reach its max temperature. Hamilton Beach 31127 Review (Toaster Oven) – Should I Buy It? The stainless steel on outside and inside gives this oven a premium look. Mueller Austria MT-175 Toaster Oven (Runner-Up) The second best toaster oven 2021 on our list is Mueller Austria MT-175. It can be daunting looking for the perfect toaster oven with so many out there. To estimate the interior, it can fit 4 slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza. Do you want to find out more about the Mueller Austria toaster oven to see whether or not it’s right for your home kitchen? 6) Mueller 4-Slice Toaster Oven Cost: Below $70 The results are that their ‘Even Toast’ technology cooks 4 slices of toast to perfection every single time. The speed comes first in my book while choosing a toaster oven. The Mueller Toaster Oven 4 Slice, Multi-function Stainless Steel with Timer - Toast - Bake - Broil Settings, Natural Convection - 1100 Watt --is a great addition to our kitchen. It is much more powerful than our previous entry level. In our analysis of 96 expert reviews, the Mueller Austria Mueller Austria 1100 Watt Multi-Function Stainless Steel Toaster Oven placed 5th when we looked at the top 20 products in the category.

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