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This version includes 2952-2100kV brushless inrunner motors and 12-blade EDF fans. He initially designed the wing using NACA airfoils modified with an elliptical nose section. [Note 1] The Allies countered its effectiveness in the air by attacking the aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing. [45], By January 1945, Jagdgeschwader 7 (JG 7) had been formed as a pure jet fighter wing, partly based at Parchim[46] although it was several weeks before it was operational. The V3 third prototype airframe, with the code PC+UC, became a true jet when it flew on 18 July 1942 in Leipheim near Günzburg, Germany, piloted by test pilot Fritz Wendel. You can fire randomly and hope for the best. ", "491st Mission List – June 1944 TO April 1945. They were introduced in 1947 and in 1950 were supplied to the 5th Fighter Squadron, becoming the first jet fighters to serve in the Czechoslovak Air Force. Continue to climb until you reach around 5000 m then build up speed to hunt down enemy planes, fighters and bombers alike. And with dive brakes, you could have done that."[57]. While German use of the aircraft ended with the close of World War II, a small number were operated by the Czechoslovak Air Force until 1951. These were hauled to the flat top of the hill where a runway had been cleared, and flown out. As a result, the Me 262 was already under development as Projekt 1065 (P.1065) before the start of … A prominent Royal Navy test pilot, Captain Eric Brown, chief naval test pilot and commanding officer of the Captured Enemy Aircraft Flight Royal Aircraft Establishment, who tested the Me 262 noted: "This was a Blitzkrieg aircraft. Due to lack of engine torque, if a single engine was lost the aircraft remained easily controlled and landed without issue. Even shots up to 1,500 m (1 mile) are a common feat and unlike the American .50 cal M3 Browning the hitting power does not decline over distance. The coarse opening of the throttle would cause fuel surging and lead to excessive jet pipe temperatures. Thus, the following is guaranteed: bomber "box formations" fall apart under your heavy rocket bombardments, flying fortresses perish within seconds by this … Me 262 Wheel Set Jerry Rutman 1:32 N/A . Describe the history of the creation and combat usage of the aircraft in more detail than in the introduction. On levelling off, they were one km astern (1,100 yd) and overtaking the bombers at about 150 km/h (93 mph), well placed to attack them. Germany's Messerschmitt Me 262 was by far the fastest fighter of World War II. A common set-up for an advantageous position in the battle is for the Me 262 to speed up to approximately 450 km/h, then immediately climb to the side by utilizing the jet's effective climb rate and energy retention. Use energy tactics- always boom and zoom. If the historical reference turns out to be too long, take it to a separate article, taking a link to the article about the vehicle and adding a block "/History" (example: and add a link to it here using the main template. The cannon is not prone to overheat and top speed is not something to worry about as the 262 can only reach it with a dive anyway. This section may also include the vehicle's dev blog entry (if applicable) and the in-game encyclopedia description (under === In-game description ===, also if applicable). [70] Lt. Chuck Yeager of the 357th Fighter Group was one of the first American pilots to shoot down an Me 262, which he caught during its landing approach. All are powered by General Electric CJ610 engines and feature additional safety features, such as upgraded brakes and strengthened landing gear. Fritz Stehle of 2./JG 7, while flying a Me 262 on the Erzgebirge, attacked a formation of Soviet aircraft. Compared to other fighter-jets, the "Pulkzerstörer" has an extraordinarily long-range hitting power. [16] The elliptical nose derivatives of the NACA airfoils were used on the horizontal and vertical tail surfaces. Our newest ME262 is a unique variant of the Messerschmitt Me-262, an A-1a/U4 Pulkzerstörer, designed to carry a 50mm Mauser Mk 214 cannon. Balous, Miroslav, Jiří Rajlich and Martin Velek. [94] These aircraft were extensively studied, aiding development of early US, British and Soviet jet fighters. The pitot tube used to measure airspeed in aircraft can give falsely elevated readings as the pressure builds up inside the tube at high speeds. Both versions are on display at the Prague Aviation museum in Kbely. [62], Luftwaffe pilots eventually learned how to handle the Me 262's higher speed and the Me 262 soon proved a formidable air superiority fighter, with pilots such as Franz Schall managing to shoot down seventeen enemy fighters in the Me 262, ten of them American P-51 Mustangs. On 19 April 1944, Erprobungskommando 262 was formed at Lechfeld just south of Augsburg, as a test unit (Jäger Erprobungskommando Thierfelder, commanded by Hauptmann Werner Thierfelder) to introduce the Me 262 into service and train a corps of pilots to fly it. The trainer of course had dual controls, with the second seat replacing one of the fuel tanks. [92] The Me 262 had a shorter range than the Meteor and had less reliable engines. Schatton via Lone Wulf Resin and turned brass conversion set for any Me 262 kit. Luftwaffe pilots claimed six lorries and seven Soviet aircraft, but three German jets were lost. 262-409-1325 Nessie Singler. 262-409-8339 Jeffers Costantini. Several years before World War II, the Germans foresaw the great potential for aircraft that used the jet engine constructed by Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain in 1936. The 30mm cannon were not so accurate beyond 600 metres [660 yd; 2,000 ft]. 262-409-6404 Kappler Vaughns. [5] One of the most advanced aviation designs in operational use during World War II,[6] the Me 262's roles included light bomber, reconnaissance and experimental night fighter versions. Therefore, a roller-coaster attack was devised. HVAP is extremely effective against ground targets and can penetrate up to 108 mm within 500 meters. Frank Whittle concludes in his final assessment over the two engines: "it was in the quality of high temperature materials that the difference between German and British engines was most marked"[35], Operationally, carrying 2,000 litres (440 imperial gallons; 530 US gallons) of fuel in two 900-litre (200-imperial-gallon; 240-US-gallon) tanks, one each fore and aft of the cockpit; and a 200-litre (44-imperial-gallon; 53-US-gallon) ventral fuselage tank beneath,[Note 3] the Me 262 would have a total flight endurance of 60 to 90 minutes. Luftwaffe Secret Projects Fighters 1939–1945 by Walter Schick, Ingolf Meyer, Elke Weal, John Weal, messerschmitt Geheimprojekte by Willy radinger and Walter Schick, Luftwaffe Secret Projects Fighters 1939–1945 by Walter Schick, Ingolf Meyer, Elke Weal, John Weal p. 85, ME-262 A-1 Pilot's Handbook, T2 Airforce Material Command, Wright Field Dayton Ohio, Learn how and when to remove this template message, National Museum of the United States Air Force, South African National Museum of Military History, "Luftwaffe Resource Center – Fighters/Destroyers – A Warbirds Resource Group Site", "Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe (Swallow)", "Quest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft, Part II: The Jet Age, Chapter 11: Early Jet Fighters, Pioneer jet Fighters. The stock ammo line up (HE(M)-T + HE-T + APHE) has only one effective anti-air round, the other two lack the one-shot ability for such a precise weapon. Detail and Conversion sets. Soviet records show that they lost two Airacobras, one of them probably downed by Stehle, who would thus have scored the last Luftwaffe air victory of the war. I have just unlocked and purchased this aircraft, and it is my second jet aircraft. This page was last edited on 17 February 2021, at 17:57. The AP-T belt is a good omni-purpose round, though expect some shots to pass right through aircraft structures and do no damage. The Me262 A-1/U4 Pulkzerstorer "Narwhal" is the standard Me 262 A-1 armed with a single 50 mm MK 214Acannon in the nose instead of four 30 mm MK 108. He claimed a Yakovlev Yak-9, but the plane shot down was probably a P-39 Airacobra. Research the ammo belts ASAP! your own Pins on Pinterest After the end of the war, the Me 262 and other advanced German technologies were quickly swept up by the Soviets, British and Americans, as part of the USAAF's Operation Lusty. The Czechoslovak aircraft industry continued to produce single-seat (Avia S-92) and two-seat (Avia CS-92) variants of the Me 262 after World War II. So you normally came in at 600 yards [550 m; 1,800 ft] and would open fire on your B-17. This one was delivered to the Messerschmitt Foundation and was presented at the ILA airshow in 2006. By that time, problems with engine development had slowed production of the aircraft considerably.

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