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They’re helpful to the teacher for planning instruction and gauging student understanding, and for communicating student progress with families and sparking conversations at home. There is no advertising on any of the sites created (classroom or student). This app is easy to use once it is set up. It is easy for students to learn and use, which makes it ideal for classroom use. For additional strategies for increasing autonomy, creativity, engagement, and academic rigor with technology, click here: Documents can also be imported from Dropbox. User Stories. Here are three reasons I fell in love with your digital portfolios for kids: #1: So easy to connect with parents! So how do we get student work in front of as many eyes as possible to increase the impact of their ideas? There may be pieces that move from this internal portfolio to be shared more widely in a public-facing portfolio. These portfolios are a great window into what students are learning, showing what they understand and what they’re struggling with so the teacher can plan accordingly. Tags can be added to work to make entries searchable. Read and watch how schools, educators and students are transforming education with bulb. In fact, some educators require that students include research notes and rough drafts in a digital portfolio as a means of chronicling the entire process of a project. Digital portfolios are a great way to showcase student work and progress throughout the year. Read and watch how schools, educators and students are transforming education with bulb. Initially created for teachers, educators and students, PortfolioGen allows anyone to create their own online portfolio. It is a great way for students to be able to have one spot to post their work to and share it with just their teacher, certain people, all of your Domain or even the World. Content can be imported from Google Drive, … VoiceThread is yet another app that has become very popular for use in classrooms as a digital portfolio tool. Work samples can also be uploaded from a computer. Penultimate is fully integrated, so changes in notebooks are synced). And at the same time, provide opportunities for feedback from teachers, other studen… Step 1: Collect work samples or artifacts. During the past four years, Todd Bergman has helped more than 550 high school students produce digital portfolios. Once you’re ready to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on and share their work with an authentic audience, there are several tools you can use. They can craft a portfolio podcast without splicing together audio on dual tape decks. WeLearnedIt (the sister app to eduClipper) serves as a PBL platform for iPad. What is a portfolio? All data & opinions are based on our experience as customers or consultants to customers. Professional Development. Updated February 2, 2021 By ShivarWeb Staff Disclosure: ShivarWeb may receive a commission when you purchase from companies mentioned on this site. There is an increase in communicative ability in this app as well, as comments can be left by students, teachers, and parents using multiple types of input (text, audio, video). TeachThought is an organization dedicated to innovation in education through the growth of outstanding teachers. Blog. With younger students, this resource can still be used and maintained by the teacher. How-to guides, infographics, best practices, inspiration and all things digital portfolios. Digital portfolios—as repositories of evidence of learning and growth—can be used in multiple ways. This is very useful for older students who can learn how to maintain a website. Files less than 20MB can be added. Developing a school-wide digital portfolio program is a complex and time consuming endeavor. Learn the … Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers and students. A digital portfolio is a collection of artifacts of learning that demonstrates growth, acquisition of skills or knowledge, and student creativity over time. Using Wikispaces as a digital portfolio tool is similar to blogging. Useful Online Portfolio Examples for Students, Teachers, and Professionals. For sharing inside the classroom: Students can use Google Slides to create a digital portfolio that showcases their progress on a project, posting their work as well as their reflections on the work. PortfolioGen gives professionals, teachers, students and educators an opportunity to showcase their skills in a modern and unique way that goes beyond traditional binders. Students are also able to embed pictures, sideshows, videos, podcasts, and Google Docs into their blog. BookCreator can be used for free, but if you want to create more than 40 books you’ll need to pay for access. Whichever side of the fence you are on, here is a list of classroom-approved resources to help get you started! Tools for Creating Digital Student Portfolios Considering Student Privacy.

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